Nuestro objetivo es brindar a cada uno de nuestros clientes el mejor servicio amable y cortés que se merecen. Sabemos que cada cliente es único y cada caso es diferente. Por lo tanto, siempre debemos analizar su situación, tomar las medidas adecuadas y tomar las decisiones correctas que funcionen en beneficio del cliente.

Es Su Caso, Pero Nosotros Lo Tomamos Personalmente

Para asuntos urgentes contamos con abogados de guardia disponibles las 24 horas del día, y reuniones en persona los fines de semana con cita previa. Llámenos en cualquier momento al 805-928-5353

Evaluación de caso gratuita

    Santa Maria

    Sobre nosotros

    El bufete de abogados se compone de tres (3) abogados principales y siete (7) asistentes de oficina.
    Podemos ayudar con:

    Capítulo 7 & 13 Bancarrota, presentaciones de emergencia – DETENER: Embargo Salarial, Problemas del IRS, Reposesiones.


    Delitos Menores a Delitos Mayores, Casos de Drogas para Adultos y Jóvenes, Audiencias de DUI, Fianza, Homicidio, Asesinato y Golpes, Delitos Sexuales, Violaciones de Libertad Condicional.


    $250.00 por Consulta Inicial.

    El divorcio, custodia de hijos y la manutención son los temas más conocidos del derecho de familia, nos esforzamos por resolver los asuntos de la manera más rentable. Sin embargo, cuando es necesario un litigio, mantenemos nuestros estándares éticos y profesionales, mientras buscamos una defensa agresiva y compasiva para nuestro cliente.


    Todo tipo de casos de lesiones y muertes accidentales. Sin honorarios hasta que ganemos su caso de lesion personal.

    • Consulta inicial gratuita
    • Sin cargo hasta que ganemos
    • Sirviendo a la costa central desde 1989
    • Tardes & fines de semana con cita previa
    • Se Habla Español

    Nuestro bufete de abogados en las noticias

    Nuestros Abogados

    Michael B. Clayton


    “Michael B. Clayton se graduó de la facultad de derecho de la universidad de Arkansas en 1988. Después de adquirir su licencia para ejercer la abogacía en el estado de Arkansas, se mudó a California y adquirió su segunda licencia …”

    Michael. B. Clayton

    Abogado especializado en

    Derecho Penal, Bancarrota, Lesión personal

    Thomas L. Barnard


    “Thomas L. Barnard ha establecido una relación de asesoría con Michael B. Clayton y Asociados para que su habilidad e integridad se relacionen con sus asuntos de derecho familiar”.

    Abogado especializado en

    Derecho de Familia, Derecho Penal

    Michael T. Gazell


    “Michael T. Gazell es abogado asociado de Michael B. Clayton y Asociados. Michael T. Gazell se graduó de Western State College of Law en Fullerton, California en el 2015. Admitido a la práctica de abogacía en el estado de California en el 2019.”

    Michael Gazell

    Abogado especializado en

    Derecho Penal

    Áreas de Práctica


    La bancarrota es una línea de vida legal para las personas que se ahogan en deudas. Los consumidores y las empresas solicitan al tribunal que los libere de la responsabilidad por sus deudas. En la gran mayoría de los casos, podemos ayudarlo a obtener su solicitud.

    Criminal Law
    Derecho Penal

    El derecho penal se refiere al sistema de normas legales que definen qué conducta se clasifica como delito y cómo el gobierno puede enjuiciar a las personas que cometen delitos.

    Family Law
    Derecho de Familia

    El derecho de familia se enfoca en asuntos familiares, como adopción, divorcio y custodia, entre otros. Podemos representarlo en procedimientos judiciales de familia o en negociaciones relacionadas, como peticiones judiciales o acuerdos de propiedad.

    Personal injury
    Lesiones Personales

    Las lesiones personales son el campo legal que se ocupa de los casos en los que una parte hace que otra parte sufra daños, a menudo como resultado de negligencia. Cuando sufre una lesión grave en un accidente, es posible que tenga preguntas sobre sus derechos, y lo guiaremos de principio a fin para obtener un resultado satisfactorio.

    Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

    Valoramos a nuestros clientes y apreciamos escuchar cómo impactamos sus vidas, tanto que hemos construido nuestro negocio sabiendo que la satisfacción de nuestros clientes conduce a nuestro propio éxito.

    Santa Maria, CA

    So , Micheal First of all I want to say He’s the Nicest most genuine person in this world. I was in a car crash and guess who was there to help , Michael !!! He saw me scared out of my mind I was bleeding and my glasses broke but still Michael was help me out saying it wasn’t my fault and witnessed everything and me being a complete stranger he still came to help me he could’ve drove straight by but he helped me out. These past few weeks he’s been very helpful he helped me with the police report and overall I recommend this guy he was an angel sent from heaven and till this day I’m glad I met him ! What this man did I will never forget he didn’t even charge me a dime because he saw a scared kid and came to help me overall recommend this place ! Trust me he will HELP you out !

    Aron G.

    Lompoc, CA

    Very responsive and extremely helpful. He was able to advise us as to the most expedient way to solve our issues. Grateful that we were able to contact him the very first try and thankful for his expertise.
    Thank you.Terry F

    Source: Yelp Reviews

    Terry H.

    Arroyo Grande, CA

    I have used Mr. Clayton and his associates twice. They did a great job getting me out of my predicaments and even after the cases were over and they had done their job for me, every time I called them or even met with Mr. Clayton for advise or consultation, I wasn’t even charged even though I expected to be.
    I am very impressed by their expertise, professionalism and caring for their clients. Highly recommend

    Source: Yelp Reviews

    Gary C.


    Amazing Attorney! Office personel are extremly professional and everything was tsken care of, in a timely manmer. Would highly recommend for any legal matters.

    Lisa M.

    Santa Maria, CA

    Met with Mr Clayton personally over a matter. Just while in his consultation, he made calls and help give direction with zero charge. Promised to take our case if needed but felt it would not get to that point by his free consultation. So far so good, thanks Michael B Clayton!

    Pancho M.

    San Francisco, CA

    My son was in need of  legal advice for a situation that he involved
    He contact the Law firm of MICHAEL CLAYTON and the treatment that
    we had was very surprising, we are under the idea that attorneys very seldom will help you unless you paid a lot of money , But this guy
    was very king understating and concern for my son well been
    My son was going to be under series consequences
    Mr. Clayton was concern and did everything possible for his best interest
    I was very shock to receive this type of concern.
    God Blessed him , I will recommended highly and I will also recommend him to the Mexican American community in MUCH  need like everyone else for good honest legal advise  i also going to send to the California Bar Association a letter to thank the for having Mr., Clayton a member of the Bar

    Source: Yelp Reviews

    Leticia R.

    Lompoc, CA

    Michael & associates were great.  I was able to get an appointment same day.  Michael was very helpful and honest.  Best of all he did not charge me for his time or the many sheets of information he gave me.   If I ever need legal assistance again I will definitely return.

    Source: Yelp Reviews

    Michelle L.

    San Luis Obispo, CA

    I am super impressed with Michael B Clayton & Associates. First impressions are important and Mr. Clayton made my husband and I feel completely at ease during our consultation. He thoroughly explained the legal process for our situation and answered any questions we had. We felt so comfortable that we knew he was the right fit for us. His whole staff was super helpful and professional. We are especially grateful for Noemy who handled the paperwork for our case and followed up with the information the firm needed. We loved how assured we were during the whole process; everything was simplified and broken down for us, from the initial consultation to the final court appointment. It made us feel at peace when dealing with a legal issue that was very nerve-wracking and difficult for us. Thank you, Mr. Clayton & Staff! We really appreciate your firm and the professional and heart-centered way that you conduct business. A relative of mine recommended Michael B Clayton & Associates and now we will be recommending them to others!

    Source: Yelp Reviews

    Bree K.


    At Michel B Clayton and Associates. You will find a very friendly staff that will be completely upfront and honest with you. Expect real time results and peace of mind that you had an attorney, who will stick his neck out for you, when you need it most. I can not recommend Michael B Clayton higher than five stars, but if I could I would.

    Jessica F.

    Moses Lake, WA

    Are you experiencing rain on a bright sunny day? If so, by the time I’m done with this review, you’re gonna know what to do!
    When I met Michael and his Associates, I was going thru hell! One thing I know about hell is that when you’re there, don’t stop to take pictures and KEEP GOING.
    My best advise is to take your notes and bring him substance. With your honesty and his integrity and desire to have justice served,  I have absolute confidence and faith that He and his staff will serve you well or at least point you in the direction of somebody who will!
    Make it a great day and call Michael B. Clayton and Associates today if you need legal help!  Also, ask about his special veteran discount if that applies to you. You will not be disappointed!

    Source: Yelp Reviews

    Andrew K.

    ¡Michael B. Clayton y Asociados puede ayudarlo!