Family Law

Michael B. Clayton and Associates handles all types of family law cases.

Family Law is often highly emotionally charged, with sensitive and sometimes explosive issues. It is a specialized area of law, requiring experienced advocacy and insight to various party’s motivations. It is our goal to provide our clients with effective representation and protect their rights and interests throughout the family law matter. At Michael B. Clayton and Associates, we endeavor to resolve matters in the most cost effective manner. However, when litigation is necessary, we maintain our ethical and professional standards, while pursuing aggressive and compassionate advocacy for our client.

Our Family Law Practice Areas include:

– Divorce (Dissolution) (see below)
– Paternity
– Domestic Partnership Dissolution
– Legal Separation
– Spousal Support
– Child Support (see below)
– Property Division and Settlement
– Custody & Visitation (see below)
– Guardianships
– Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders
– Modification of Orders & Judgments
– and More

Michael B. Clayton and Associates offers a $150.00 initial consultation. 

We would request that you bring in relevant court documents, correspondence, and related documentation. If there are economic matters pending, including support or attorneys fees, we would request that you bring in copies of the current pay stubs for each party, tax returns and statements regarding balance due or value for relevant property/accounts. We have also found it useful for prospective clients to prepare a brief outline (bullet points) of the history of the matter and list any questions or major areas of concern. This is so that we may address those matters, if appropriate, at the initial consultation. The above information is not necessary for an initial consultation. Still, we have found that the better prepared parties are to address family law matters, the more effective our time is with prospective clients.

As to legal fees in Family Law matters, Michael B. Clayton requires a base retainer fee as established by a prospective client and the Firm. We will bill against your retainer at the applicable hourly rate.